Computer Scientist Reveals the Best Word to Start With on Wordle

Just as we all became addicted to Wordle, the online game has been sold to the New York Times. 

The creator of Worlde, James Wardle, announced the news on Twitter Monday (Jan. 31st) and the publication says it will “initially remain free to new and existing players.”

Wardle also said he is working with the NYT to make sure everyone’s scores and streaks are preserved.

If you’re still playing and want to better your score, look no further to TikTok for some great Wordle hacks.

TikTok user and computer scientist @crvlwanek developed code that produced the top 10 best first guess words to put into Wordle, and he claims the best first word to input is “Later” followed by “Alter,” “Alert,” “Arose,” then “Irate”, followed by “Stare,” “Arise,” “Raise,” “Learn,” and “Renal.”

@crvlwanek #stitch with @linguisticdiscovery Different method, similar results! #wordle #linguistics #computerscience #python ♬ original sound – Chris

Have fun playing!

photo credit: Editorial credit: Tada Images

(Elite Daily)