How To Make The Salmon Rice Recipe Going Viral on TikTok [VIDEO]

The latest food trend that’s taking over TikTok is a recipe of leftovers.

The ‘salmon rice’ was created by user Emily Mariko and it’s an Asian fusion-inspired plate of leftover cooked salmon and white rice.

To make the dish, she placed an ice cube on top of the rice and wrapped a sheet of parchment paper over the plate before heating in the microwave. After the plate is steamed and heated, she mixes it together and adds mayo, soy sauce, spicy Sriracha and dried seaweed.

The post has gained 2.3M likes, nearly 14k comments, and almost 43k shares.

So if you have some leftover salmon, try this out tonight (just maybe not at work if your office has a no fish in the microwave policy)


♬ original sound – Emily Mariko