Virginia Beach Native Serves Aboard One of the Navy’s Most Versatile Combat Ships

Chief Petty Officer Walter Dailey, a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, serves the U.S. Navy aboard one of the country’s most versatile combat ships.

Dailey joined the Navy 18 years ago. Today, Dailey serves as a damage controlman aboard USS Indianapolis based in Mayport, Florida.

“I was in New York on 9/11 with my best friend,” said Dailey. “I was visiting there as part of a contest I had won. A few weeks later, it really hit me, and I decided that I wanted to do something against those who took a strike against us. I wanted to help prevent something like that from happening again.”

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Dailey attended Kellam High School and graduated in 2000. Today, Dailey finds the values in Virginia Beach similar to those needed to succeed in the military.

“I learned the importance of family helping you get through,” said Dailey.

There are many accomplishments that come with military service, and Dailey is most proud of serving aboard USS Iwo Jima providing Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.

“We dewatered a morgue in a hospital and several churches,” said Dailey. “Also, while I was aboard USS George Washington, we provided relief efforts following a tsunami that struck the Philippines.”

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